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About Me

Welcome to my Website! I am a PhD student in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics at the University of St Andrews working under the supervision of Dr Bernd Braunecker. My research is currently in the field of strongly correlated materials, specifically, on the novel dynamic behaviours that arise during the joint-coherent evolution of coupled systems at sub-thermal timescales.

I’m hoping to use this website as a catalogue of professional and personal projects, as well as to practice the art of website building.

I received a 1st class MSci (Hons) in Theoretical Physics with Mathematics from Lancaster University in June 2020. In my spare time I enjoy reading, programming, going to classical concerts, visiting art galleries, and randomly walking into new hobbies, such as geocaching, cycling, postcard collecting, and crochet.


Diagnostics of entanglement dynamics in noisy and disordered spin chains via the measurement-induced steady-state entanglement transition (2022)

T. Boorman, M. Szyniszewski, H. Schomerus, A. Romito


Internship Experience

I have internship experience spanning multiple summer periods, prior to and during my undergraduate studies, working for high-tech companies in the field of printable electronic sensors and devices. My responsibilities were broad, from the fabrication and testing of devices to interactions with potential customers and suppliers. Please visit my LinkedIn profile for more details.