Joining the Dots: Quirky Quantuplets Contribution

Sep 28, 2022

Myself and Harry MullineauxSanders contributed a video to The Global Science Show’s #JoiningTheDots collaboration.

Dynamic Earth Edinburgh CDT Training: Research Poster

Jun 21, 2021

I have produced a poster summary of some of the work completed during the course of my PhD.

Condensed Matter and Quantum Materials 2021 Conference

Jun 21, 2021

I presented my work ... ... at the 2021 IOP Condensed Matter and Quantum Materials (CMQM) conference.

Science Discovery Day: Entropy Video

Mar 6, 2021

Myself and a group of clones produced a video that explains the concept of entropy.

The Atomic Fridge Radio Show: Bailrigg FM

Nov 25, 2017

During my undergraduate degree, myself and a couple of fellow STEM students, ran a radio show called The Atomic Fridge ...